Beauty How-To: The 5 Minute Twisted Up-do

Looking for a new, easy up-do that takes less than 5 minutes?  Try this simple, twisted up-do inspired by Kate Middleton.  It’s fancy enough for a night out, but simple enough for work.  Simply follow these 6 steps below to achieve a glamorous look, and take advantage of the extra time (to sleep in or pick out the perfect outfit).

Kate Middleton's twisted updo
What are your favorite go-to up-dos?

Beauty: The Best Lip Products You’ll Ever Try

Undoubtedly, I am a product junkie and then some.  Unfortunately, I’m a sucker for good packaging so I’ve tried many products, some of which are hits, and some of which are misses.  However, after years of trying everything from stains to liners to plumpers, I’ve finally lowered down my favorites!  They’re universally flattering and long-lasting.

Lip products

Best Multitasker: Josie Maran Argan Oil Color Stick

Josie Maran Argan Oil Color Stick in Coral, $22

Josie Maran Argan Oil Color Stick in Coral, $22

Since I came across the Color Stick, I fell in love instantly with the colors and the lasting hydration it gave.  If I were on a desert island and I could only have one make-up product, this would be it, hands down.  The color is subtle, yet lasting, and you can use it on your cheeks for a beautiful glow.  I keep one in my makeup bag, and in my purse for those times when I need to apply some make-up in a rush.  The coral is my favorite, and it’s a universally flattering shade.

Best Lip Balm: Bliss Fabulips Softening Lip Balm

Bliss Fabulips Softening Lip Balm, $16

Bliss Fabulips Softening Lip Balm, $16

This lip balm is my favorite, as it feels lightweight and smooth going on.  It hydrates and softens, without leaving that greasy residue many lip balms add.  And if your lips are flaky, Bliss’ Fabulips line of lip cleansers and exfoliators also work like magic!

Best Lipstick: Giorgio Armani Rouge Ecstasy Lipstick

Giorgio Armani Rouge Ecstacy Lipstick, $34

Giorgio Armani Rouge Ecstacy Lipstick, $34

This stuff looks amazing, and have a billion or so different flattering shades.  My favorite part: It’s one of the longest-lasting lipsticks I’ve ever used.

Best Lipliner: Giorgio Armani Lipliner

Giorgio Armani Smooth Silk Lip Pencil, $30

Giorgio Armani Smooth Silk Lip Pencil, $30

Similarly to the Giorgio Armani lipstick, this stuff lasts forever, and looks absolutely amazing.  I use it religiously, and the pencils last forever!

Best Lip Gloss: NARS Lip Gloss

NARS Larger Than Life Lip Gloss, $26

NARS Larger Than Life Lip Gloss, $26

I use the 3rd one in from the left, called Cantaloupe.  I love how shiny it is, and the color stays true (and blends gorgeously over the Josie Maran Color Stick).  It’s infused with nourishing ingredients that fight free-radicals and enhance your lips.  Bonus: The applicator works as a lip brush for precise touch-ups.

What are your favorite lip products?

Beauty Routine: 4 Things You Should Add To Your Morning Smoothie

A while back, I did a post regarding a DIY Banana Date Smoothie, and want to let you lovely readers how to make your morning smoothie even healthier.  While I usually start my day with a Green Smoothie (i.e. spinach and/or kale/chard/various green base), I also add various energy supplements and superfood powders to enhance its optimum health power and start my day right.

1. Green Superfood Powder

Green Superfood Powder, $29.99 for 30 servings

Green Superfood Powder, $29.99 for 30 servings

Taking a green supplement, especially when ingested in it’s powder form, is a convenient way to include your daily intake of green vegetables in your daily diet.  Chlorophyll helps to aid in cell-repair, and helps to detox the damaging cells in your body.  It also helps to reduce inflammation, aid in restoring a healthy acid-alkaline balance in the body, and helps to neutralize free-radicals, among other benefits.  Altogether, this helps to keep your energy levels up and makes your skin appear brighter and healthier.

2. Chia Seeds

Nutiva Organic Chia Seeds, $10.99 for 12 oz.

Nutiva Organic Chia Seeds, $10.99 for 12 oz.

They aid in weight loss by reducing food cravings and provide hydration for your body.  They are the richest plant source in Omega-3, therefore reduce inflammation (ahem, bloating!), as well as protect against heart disease and arthritis.  Although they are about the size of a poppyseed, once they are ingested, they expand in your stomach to make you feel fuller longer!

3. Maca Powder

Maca Powder, $14.99 for 8 oz.

Maca Powder, $14.99 for 8 oz.

Maca powder is rich is Vitamins B, C, and E.  It is great for women, as it relieves mood swings, cramps, body pain, depression, menstrual issues, and menopause.  As a bonus, it totally increases sexual libido and increases endurance.  Not only so, it helps to balance your hormones and promote fertility.  Another bonus for your skin: it helps to clear acne and blemishes, and will help to reduce sensitivity, which causes redness.

4. Acai Juice

Zola Acai Juice, $29.99 for 12 servings

Zola Acai Juice, $29.99 for 12 servings

The Acai tree is a palm tree native to the Amazon rainforest.  Brazilian natives discovered the healing properties of Acai thousands of years ago when they found it boosted their energy levels.  It has extremely high antioxidant levels (more than blueberries, raspberries, or any other fruit), as well as contains the highest levels of anthocyanin, which is found in red and purple fruits (such as grapes and berries), than any other fruits.  Also, it helps to boost immune and metabolic function and removes free radicals from our bodies.  The Acai berry contains more protein than an egg, which helps to keep your hair shiny and skin glowing.

Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 9.28.30 AM

Some other great boosts to add to your smoothies:


Natural Vanilla

Cacao Powder

Coconut Oil

Note: All or most of these products can be found at your local natural foods store (i.e. Whole Foods, Vitamin Shoppe, etc.).

What are your favorite things that give you an energy boost?

Beauty Tips: DIY Mask for Shiny, Smooth Legs

As the warm weather approaches, it’s officially time to show off those stems that have been hiding all season.  To make your legs glow, try this easy DIY mask for legs.  Bonus: You can use it all over your body for healthy, shiny skin.

Summer Beauty Tips : Legs

What are your favorite DIY beauty routines?

8 Body Butters to Keep Your Skin Hydrated This Fall

Originally posted on Beauty High:

As the fall weather starts to creep in and our Starbucks orders make the jump from iced to hot, our skin makes a few adjustments as well. Without heat and humidity, the cool, dry air tends to dry up our skin, making the need for hydration a necessity.

In order to keep your skin hydrated through the cool weather coming, we’ve rounded up the best body butters on the market. Whether you’re aiming for a delicious scent, moisturized skin or both, we’ve found a body butter you’ll be sure to use all season long.

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Alexa Chung’s Makeup Artist Shares Beauty Tips

The secret to liquid eyeliner self-application lies with finding the right felt-tip marker. After all, everyone’s familiar with holding a pen or pencil, right? They’re long, thin, easy to manipulate, and—if you pick the right one—deliver just the right amount of black pigment. Tamah, Alexa Chung’s make-up artist, favors Nars’ Eyeliner Stylo ($27) in Carpates: “It has the fluidity of a brush,” she says. Kevyn Aucoin’s Precision Liquid Liner ($32) in Black has a similarly rounded brush, as does Giorgio Armani’s Maestro Eyeliner ($33) in Black and Revlon’s ColorStay Liquid Eye Pen ($9), though the latter two are a bit plumper (ideal if you favor a thicker line).

L’Oreal’s Infallible The Super Slim Liquid Eyeliner ($9) in Black is the slimmest of the bunch, delivers the darkest black line, and is super flexible, giving you the most control.  Stila’s Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Liner ($20) in Black has almost the same tip, but is waterproof in case you want to accessorize your swimsuit with a cat eye this summer.  If it’s staying power you’re worried about, there’s Kat Von D’s Tattoo Liner ($18) in Trooper.  Though the tip looks like the others, it’s actually a brush, one that delivers a water-resistant formula that dries super fast and stays put all day long.

Whichever marker you choose, practice drawing the kind of line you’re after on your hand a few times before moving to your lash line. And one last tip from Tamah: “People tend to put too much pressure on the brush, but it’s almost like calligraphy—you have to let the pen do the work.”

Thanks to the lovely folks at Who What Wear for sharing these tips from Tamah K, Alexa Chung’s make-up artist.  I’m a huge fan of liquid eyeliner, and my 3 top favorites are Nars ‘Stylo’ Liquid Eyeliner for a bit of a thicker line, Physicians Formula 2-in-1 Lash Boosting Eyeliner & Serum for a very thin base line (and it claims to thicken your eyelashes as a bonus- also note the low price tag of $11), and Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner for a thin line (but mostly because the black color has this amazing pigmentation that really makes my brown eyes stand out).  What are your tips for applying eyeliner?

DIY: Hair Chains

With more free time on your hands this summer, what better way to spend the time than getting around to doing those DIY projects you’ve been procrastinating on?  (I know I have!)  Another one to add to your to-do list is this amazing hair chain.  It looks like a fun way to spruce up a bun, and such an easy tutorial.  Enjoy loves!

My Favorite Beauty DIY
What other DIY’s do you have planned this summer?

Spring Cleaning: The Beauty Edition

Spring is a wonderful time for refreshing. Cleaning your home, detoxing your body, and updating your routine are all great ways to welcome in the warm sunshine and shake off the winter blues.  One of the many great things of season changes include limited-edition beauty products (in adorable colors and designs!), which are perfect for trying some new products and transforming your look with the season.  Some of my top picks include “Daisy” by Marc Jacobs, the Tarte color palette, Jonathon Adler x BareMinerals foundation, and Nails Inc.’ Leather Effect nail polish!

Limited Edition Beauty: Get 'Em While They Last

What are your favorite limited-edition beauty products?  Have you checked the expiration dates on your old make-up recently?